Tyra's Interview with Doreen Hughes

30 Days of Prayer Teacher Devotional Intro

This is the introduction to the devotionals that go along with the Prayer Journals.

Tyra Hodge Interview with Valerie Hurst Part 2

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Valarie Hurst Interview with Tyra (Part 1)

A True Phoenix Rising Story: Texas Mother Defies All Odds and Earns PhD (Part 1)

I Have A Dream

Today, I read the " I Have a Dream" speech.

Out of the Ashes Trailer

A peek into Out of the Ashes, Tyra Hodge

Dr. Tyra Hodge

My Story

In the year1998, I was homeless and was pregnant. I tried to commit suicide but was unsuccessful. I was able to make it to the Crisis Pregnancy center. The counselor led me to the Lord. She also helped me find a place to live. The counselor was Peggy Gallier, however her last name has changed. We could not find a place in the area, but we found Loving Christian Maternity home in Wichita Falls. I did not have a car, so these precious women drove me 9 hours there and drove back to Houston. They did not even know me. I thought if these women cared enough about me, maybe God cared about me a little. Khristey Chatham- Reeves was the pregnancy director at the time. They have watched over me throughout the years after being saved at a pregnancyresource center and moving into a maternity home, taken in off the streets, in 2000,I asked the Holy Spirit of God what His plan was for my life. The Lord told me to go to school. That day, I drove my mother’s car up to Alvin Community College, walking in clueless aboutwhat my God had planned and walking out with a full scholarship. By the end of that weekthere were organizations arguingabout who wanted to pay what formy schooling.

Thisled me tothe beginning of my destiny; never would I have guessed my future would include a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and now a doctoral degree, as well as becoming a teacher and nonprofit leader.

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